Facebook & Instagram Advertising Masterclass by NEXT Academy

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Masterclass

e-Learning • Certification • Live Mentorship

Effectively Grow Your Business & Get New Customers With Facebook & Instagram Ads

Who Should Join This?

💥Business Owners who want more leads & customers.
Stop using basic Facebook post boosting. Learn how to utilise the best of Facebook & Instagram to find customers for you!
💥New Entrepreneurs who just started their business.
Starting from ZERO and looking for your first customers? Learn to use Facebook & Instagram to validate and grow your business.
💥People who want to be up-skilled & be a digital marketer
Build up skills for yourself and become a Facebook & Instagram advertising specialist.

Why you shouldn't miss out on this!
By the end of the course, you should be equipped with Facebook & Instagram Advertising basics to advanced knowledge as well as step-by-step practical framework and strategies to help you to build and grow your own business.

What Will You Get?

  • e-Learning Materials 
>10 Hours of Online Learning Access to Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course by Xinch, Head of Marketer at StoreHub. Get step-by-step resources on how you can do Facebook & Instagram Ads for your business. 

  • Live Lecture & Ads Feedback
2 x Online LIVE Lecture with Industry Experts with special Ad Feedback Session for people who wants to get feedback as they teach and share with you their experience and case studies. Implement what you have learned and during the feedback session, the mentors can provide you more tips! 

  • Be Guided & Get Certified 
You will be guided by marketers and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them. After the course is done, you will be able to get your Facebook & Instagram Advertising certificate. 

  • Special Bonus! 
Creating Facebook and Instagram ads require good creatives and assets. Learn how to create content fast and with impact. Get "Create Effective and Powerful Facebook/ Instagram Assets" online course for free to understand how to create amazing and impactful assets such as videos & images which you can use for ads and social media content. 

What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 51 text files


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Live Classes & Feedback Sessions Details
The Traffic Ecosystem
The Traffic Ecosystem Part 1
1 min
The Traffic Ecosystem Part 1: Quiz
The Traffic Ecosystem Part 2
6 mins
The Traffic Ecosystem Part 2: Quiz
Advertising on Facebook & Instagram
Advertising on Facebook & Instagram
3 mins
Advertising on Facebook & Instagram: Quiz
Facebook Algorithm Changes
8 mins
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Ads Manager Overview
4 mins
Facebook Business Manager Overview + Creative Hub
5 mins
Facebook Ad Basics
Various Ad Formats
2 mins
Various Ad Formats: Quiz
Quick Summary of Ads Format
Quick Summary of Ads Formats: Quiz
Understanding Your Customer Avatar
The Most Important Parts of Your Facebook Ads
5 mins
The Most Important Part of Your Facebook Ads: Quiz
Bonus: Your Customer Avatar
6 mins
Example: Customer Avatar (Cold Traffic)
Example: Customer Avatar (Warm Traffic)
Example: Customer Avatar (Hot Traffic)
Hands-on: Prepare Your Customer Avatar
The Anatomy of an Ad
The Anatomy of An Ad
2 mins
The Anatomy of an Ad: Quiz
Facebook vs Instagram
Create Your First Facebook Ad Creative
Create Your First Facebook Ad Creative
6 mins
Create Your First Facebook Ad Creative: Quiz
Hands-on: Create Your Mock Ad Creative
Create Your First Ad
Create Your First Actual Ad (Follow Along Demo)
12 mins
Create Your First Actual Ad: Quiz
Facebook Campaign
Facebook Campaign Structure
2 mins
Facebook Campaign: Quiz
Campaign Naming and Structure Example
Facebook Objectives
Facebook Objectives Introduction
Auction vs Reach & Frequency
Facebook Objectives - Awareness
Facebook Objectives - Consideration
Facebook Objectives - Conversion
How do I Decide Which Objective Suits Me?
Hands-on: Choose Your Objective
Facebook Pixel Quick Introduction
Campaign Options
Campaign Type
(Advanced) A/B Testing
(Advanced) Campaign Budget Optimization vs Ad Set Optimization
How do I Decide Which Suits Me?
How Do You Get the Most Out of CBO?
Budget & Schedule
Setting My Budget
Ad Schedule & Delivery Type
Optimised for Ad Delivery
Charging Option
(Advanced) Choosing My Bid Strategy
Facebook Bidding
Facebook Bidding Algorithm
1 min
Facebook Bidding: Quiz
Facebook Audience
How Much Facebook Knows About You?
How Much Facebook Knows About You: Quiz
Facebook Audience
5 mins
Facebook Audience: Quiz
Audience Targeting
Facebook Placement
Facebook Placement Options
(Advanced) Manual Placement Options
Instagram Stories Opportunity
Ad Level
Identity & Format
Choosing and Customising Your Media
Text & Links
Links with URL Parameter (For Active Google Analytics Users)
Measuring & Tracking
Success Metrics
2 mins
Success Metrics: Quiz
Create & Reading Performance Report
6 mins
What metrics should I add?
Campaign Optimisation
Campaign Optimization
Campaign Optimization: Quiz
Facebook Ads Benchmark
Facebook Advertising FAQ
Recording of First Class
First Class.mp4
(3h 07m 05s)
Facebook Pixel
🔥🔥 Facebook Advertising (Advanced Level)
Facebook Pixel
2 mins
Facebook Pixel: Quiz
Exercise: Setup Facebook Pixel
27 mins
Exercise: Setup Facebook Pixel: Quiz
Facebook Audience (Advance)
Custom Audience
Remarketing: Quiz
Lookalike Audience
Conversion Ads
Setting up a Conversion Ad
Conversion Window
Conversion Ads Strategies
Hands-on: Create Your First Remarketing Conversion Ad
Putting it all together
Facebook/ Instagram Ad Strategy
20 mins
Facebook vs Google Analytics Attribution (for active Google Analytics Users)
Facebook Ads Tracking vs Google Analytics Tracking
Facebook Ads Tracking vs Google Analytics Tracking: Quiz
Conclusion: Facebook & Instagram Marketing
1 min
LIVE Sessions (April 2020)
LIVE Session on Thurs 30 April.mp4
(3h 27m 53s)