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Programming 101

What's included?

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Getting Started
Installing Necessary Software
Introduction to Programming
Welcome to Programming 101!
1 min
Before we begin...
1 min
So, what IS coding?
2 mins
Potential Career Paths
2 mins
Busting Some Coding Myths
2 mins
Introduction to Javascript
Introduction to JavaScript
4 mins
4 mins
String and Number
5 mins
Boolean, Array and Object
6 mins
Conditional Statement, Function and Loop
9 mins
Build the "Snake" Game with Javascript
Download this Template
5.27 KB
What will We Build?
6 mins
Understand the Starter Template
11 mins
Move da Snake!
10 mins
Snake Needs Food
7 mins
Snake Accidents & Wrap Up
8 mins
Additional Files
Snake Game - Solution
54.2 KB